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Lockdown 2 - November 2020 | What can you do, how can we help?

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

The safety of all UK citizens continues to be a priority for all. It is evident that the current measures and tier system are not working as effectively as first thought and the second lockdown will start on Thursday 05 November 2020.

We will remain open during the national lockdown and available to help, within the guidelines and regulations.

Life Made Simple Physiotherapy shares these safety concerns and we will continue to take guidance from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) on their views and opinions on what can be achieved through physiotherapy care in the month of November 2020. On 04 November, the CSP confirmed the following, having sought clarification from the Government:

The government has published details of the types of business it intends to allow to remain open during the forthcoming lockdown in England, and the CSP can confirm that physiotherapy is included.

Our advice remains that members in all sectors should seek to continue to run physiotherapy services during the national lockdown, and that all relevant public health rules relating to social distancing and PPE must be followed to keep clinicians and patients as safe as possible.

More on the current position can be found here:

This raises the question as to how we can help through physiotherapy care and guidance. As you might anticipate, we have had some positive thoughts.

Working from home (WFH)

The concept of working from home is now nothing new, but as we head into the winter, have you assessed your workstation position and positioning? Good lighting is important, but your posture at your relocated place of work is arguably even more so. A good guide can be found here:

Wobble Cushion?

In addition, there may be occasions to seek assistance in keeping your back as flexible as possible and some of our clients have considered a ‘Wobble Cushion’ for their work chair. We would recommend that you speak to us before making a purchase to consider your individual needs and circumstances. An example can be found here, although this is an example only and not a recommendation:

Exercise at your desk?

Sounds strange; however, there are moves, stretches and exercise that you may be able to achieve at your desk to help with your movement and flexibility. A helpful CSP factsheet link can be found here:

Again, we recommend that you talk to your physiotherapist about your individual needs, requirements, indeed concerns about your wellbeing.

Talk to us – we are open!

November 2020 is going to be a challenging time for us all as we start to head towards the festive season. Talk to us about your physiotherapy needs and we will offer support, assistance and help where we can and within the new regulations.

Our contact details are:


Telephone: 07309 272555

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