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Long COVID-19….the evolving and lasting effects | Physiotherapy in Surrey and Guildford

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

2020 has been a troubling and terrible year for many. With the infection rate of the disease COVID-19 climbing into the winter months and hospital admissions rising, the numbers who are losing their lives also tragically begins to grow.

The personal effects of COVID-19

Looking at the ever-evolving statistics, from sources such as the Government and the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the personal effects of COVID-19 can cause significant detriment to sufferers. We have also seen that these effects may be varied, dependent on age, sex, ethnicity, and overall health, with those who have pre-existing conditions generally being worst affected.

Rehabilitation from COVID-19

Of the many issues to consider for those that are able to make a recovery is the lasting physical effects that COVID-19 brings to individuals. Rehabilitation from COVID-19 is becoming highly topical, with the lasting effects being referred to as ‘long COVID’. But what are they?

The long-term health effects are well documented on the Government website and a link to this can be found here.

Longer-term health issues

As time moves forward, we have little doubt that this information will be updated as understanding continues to evolve. You can see from the list on the Government website that the longer-term health issues can be both serious and extensive.

Physiotherapy service delivery

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy has also prepared a useful document in late September 2020 on COVID-19 Rehabilitation Standards, focussing on physiotherapy service delivery. This is well worth a read as to the help that can be achieved. More can be found here.

Our first hope is that we all keep as safe as is possible, although we know that sadly infection rates are climbing. If you need help with your rehabilitation, and this involves physiotherapy in Surrey and Guildford, then please do contact us. Dependent on your needs and care requirements, we may need to signpost you to other healthcare professionals, such as your GP, as an example.

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Keep safe!

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