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Many clients have regrets about physiotherapy!

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Many clients have regrets about physiotherapy! Now I have your attention, please be assured that from conversations with clients, these regrets are positive because they had not sought physiotherapy care earlier in their life. Here at Life Made Simple we provide expert physiotherapy in Surrey and Guildford to help you at any stage in your life. Whether that is treating or preventing injury, we can be the answer to your problems.

Aches, pains and niggles

The need for physiotherapy care is often created by a buildup of problems within the body’s tissues that ultimately manifests itself in discomfort. It might be a grumbling sports injury from yesteryear that never really resolved itself. Or repetitive strain from clicking away on a computer mouse, to degeneration in joints and muscles as we get older. Each issue in itself might be annoying, but somehow, we ‘cope’ with the aches, pains and niggles, hoping somehow that they will miraculously disappear. And we all know that invariably that they will not.

Love activity, hate exercise?

Changes in routine, such as enhanced exercise, which is usually a good thing, can highlight these historic problems. With lockdowns and working from home routines being the norm for most of us, we have certainly witnessed life change this year. Some people love activity and hate exercise. The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) ran a campaign on this topic in the last year. More can be found here.

We are open during lockdown 2.0 in Bramley, Guildford & Surrey

It is great to know that as a medical service, physiotherapists can stay open during lockdown 2.0 to continue to offer care and therapy. Ailments do not stop just because we are locked down!

More on the position of continued physiotherapy service during the lockdown can be found here.

Have no regrets!

Whatever you do, have no regrets about your health and healthcare. From the feedback from our patients, physiotherapy can offer significant health benefits for those with skeletal, muscle and tissue issues. Speak to Life Made Simple Physiotherapy in Surrey and Guildford soon and stay safe all!

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