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The properties of movement in water

Hydrotherapy is a fantastic adjunct to land based physiotherapy. The properties of water can help offload joints and stretch and strengthen muscles not normally easily reached. Here at Life Made Simple, we offer a professional hydrotherapy in Surrey and Guildford that we believe can aid in mobility and relieve pain.

If you are struggling to improve mobility and function on land, warm water can help your body to relax. This might be just what you need to take a further step towards reaching your full potential and achieving your goals…perhaps getting back on the golf course, lifting up your new grandchild or pruning those tricky plants in the garden. Each of us knows what aches and pains occurs with the pastimes we enjoy.

Scientifically proven

Hydrotherapy can benefit most individuals who are recovering from a specific injury or those whose body is just worn down by the stresses of normal daily life. Exercising in water has been scientifically proven to benefit those suffering from arthritis by improving general strength and fitness. Research also shows that water-based physiotherapy can ease back pain and has a significant role to play in most stages of rehabilitation from surgery – just as soon as the surgeon is happy for you to enter the water and when your wound has fully healed.

Individually tailored and evidence-based treatment programmes

As a member of the Aquatic Therapy of Chartered Physiotherapists (ATACP), our founder, Lucy Blick, takes a keen interest in keeping abreast of developments in best practice to allow her to provide individually tailored and evidence-based treatment programmes.

How can I be ready for hydrotherapy?

Requirements for hydrotherapy sessions are a swimming costume, a towel and a water bottle. It is helpful if you are confident in water, but it is not essential. This is not a swimming lesson; it is physiotherapy in water. Our lessons are in Surrey.

Stride up Guildford High Street?

You may be thinking that you do not fit into any of the aforementioned patient groups, but something else may be niggling you. Perhaps you aren’t feeling quite so sturdy when walking the dog, you’re not able to stride up Guildford High Street like you used to, your ankles are feeling a bit too puffy making it difficult to slide on your favourite boots, or your son or daughter is suddenly able to out-drive you on the golf course.

Hydrotherapy in Surrey and Guildford may just be what you need to improve your balance, coordination, circulation and importantly, self-confidence.

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We look forward to helping you with your physiotherapy needs and the Hydrotherapy process if needed in your circumstances through the autumn and winter months of 2020 and beyond. If you are interested in our services feel free to call us on 07309 272 555 or email Life Made Simple - expert Hydrotherapy in Surrey and Guildford.

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