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Life Made Simple Physiotherapy
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Our physiotherapy entrance has moved to the side gate in Eastwood Road.

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Life Made Simple Physiotherapy

There are many general descriptions for what physiotherapy may involve, and more importantly how it is delivered and the benefits that good physiotherapy achieves for a client. 


Simply put, our business believes that it is the considered application of evidence-based care for those who are suffering from illness, injury, pain or musculoskeletal movement disorder. Each client is different, and this is reflected in their needs and the way that their individual condition came about. Understanding a client, their needs and requirements is paramount in caring for an individual, and this may be through a programme of consultation, care, advice and exercise, if required. 


The need for physiotherapy can evolve as clients move through life stages.

Why might you want to consult a physiotherapist?


Knee pain, post-operative rehabilitation, stiff neck or joints, back and musculoskeletal pain, discomfort from your work, or perhaps a new or existing sports related injuries. These are not uncommon and are areas of physiotherapy that are dealt with regularly. This may be through a single session of physiotherapy, or alternatively through a series of treatments to not only to treat the condition, but also to help prevent recurrence of ongoing discomfort and aid their lifestyle. 


The benefits of physiotherapy may include a reduction in pain and discomfort and may also encompass overall well-being and the ability to continue to work comfortably, enjoy sports & activities, outdoor pursuits (lots to enjoy around Surrey!) and the pastimes you favour. 


Having a holistic approach to client care is an important consideration for our business, and this looks further to other services, including biomechanical analysis, acupuncture, sports physiotherapy or hydrotherapy locally in West Surrey, and the applied use of Kinesio taping where needed. Our hands-on physiotherapy techniques we believe can help.


If you would like to know more about our physiotherapy service for your well-being, then please contact

Life Made Simple Physiotherapy soon here. 

  • Free parking

  • Flexible appointment timings

  • Paediatric physiotherapy assessment & care (Age 9+)

  • Home appointments (by agreement / appointment)


'Having suffered from work stress in my lower back and hips, this physiotherapy service has helped with pain reduction and has allowed me to continue working uninterrupted’.


Mrs D, Guildford

Life Made Simple Physiotherapy treatment is available through your Private Medical Insurance Plan with:

BUPA, Aviva, AXA PPP healthcare and Cigna Healthcare.

Life Made Simple Care

Each client will have their own individual needs for physiotherapy type care. We currently offer the following services, based conveniently in Bramley, Surrey:


Biomechanical analysis

Sports physiotherapy

Massage and reflexology

Physiotherapy acupuncture

Workstation and workspace assessments

Physiotherapy exercises, individually tailored

‘A consistent pain in my shoulder evolved over a few weeks. I couldn’t identify how it occurred, but certainly knew where it was! Lucy helped me restore the full use I needed and reduced most of the discomfort promptly’.

Mrs F, Woking

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Monday-Friday 8am-8pm

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Life Made Simple Physiotherapy

Station Road, Bramley, Guildford, GU5 0AY

Our physiotherapy entrance has moved to the side gate in Eastwood Road

 Call 07309 272555


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