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Client Reviews

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Listed below is some of the recent feedback received from our valued clients.

Mrs C, Wonersh

Lucy is an excellent physio - I would highly recommend her. She’s fixed various parts of my body over the years and really does have healing hands! She is highly knowledgeable but able to explain what’s going on in simple terms. She also has a very realistic and practical approach to physio - she gives a manageable amount of exercises which fit into my day to day life (so I actually do them rather than being overwhelmed). All this plus her good sense of humour makes her the best physio I’ve ever seen. Thank you Lucy!

Mrs J, Guildford

I can highly recommend Lucy.  She is knowledgeable, professional and takes a ‘whole body’/‘bigger picture’ approach to dealing with injury/tension/discomfort.  I have always felt better after seeing her. Not only that, but she is personable and empathetic.  I know I will be listened to and treated with patience.

Mr C, Bramley

I was born with a spine condition that means that as I get older, stresses within my frame become continually painful and tiresome. Regular focused physiotherapy alleviates pains and pressures. I have not felt so comfortable for many years.

Mrs M, Godalming

I would not hesitate to recommend Lucy.    She has the knowledge and expertise to identify the cause of a problem before she decides how to treat the symptoms, i.e. she always looks at the whole picture first, which enables her to solve the problem very quickly.    Her “hands on” physio is excellent.   She has been my saviour on many occasions over many years, including regular physio to prepare me for knee replacement and during rehab.    Consequently my recovery was very much quicker and more successful than I expected.

Miss C, London

Due to a genetic condition, I have seen physiotherapists (& osteopaths, chiropractors etc!) regularly for 20 years all over the country & also around the world (whilst travelling & living abroad). 

This means I have a lot of physiotherapists/practitioners to compare to when assessing whether someone is truly great, and Lucy most definitely is that!

I am also hypermobile and it’s very rare to find a physio that truly specialises in this, and is good at understanding how to really help with it (both short- and long-term).

My need for lots of treatment means I only return to a physio when it’s extremely beneficial & they really help alleviate my symptoms & pain; Lucy is one of the few people I’ve ever seen who does this really well. I always fit treatment in with her when I am visiting my mum in Surrey (from London) because she’s that good!

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