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Services offered by Life Made Simple Physiotherapy

Hands-on physiotherapy techniques available in West Surrey.

We believe that the Life Made Simple client focused physiotherapy service will help our clients attain greater freedom of movement, less musculoskeletal pain and enhanced well-being, usually achieved through a series of visits to help with their overall care. Our services include:


Physiotherapy & sports physiotherapy

Areas of physiotherapy that are dealt with regularly include post-operative rehabilitation, stiff neck or joints, knee pain, back and musculoskeletal pain, discomfort from work, or new or existing sports related injuries. This may be through a single session of physiotherapy, or alternatively through a series of treatments to help now, and also to aid and prevent recurrence of ongoing discomfort.  

With over a decade of experience in providing physiotherapy care, our aim is to help meet your needs to improve and enhance your physical well-being, whilst reducing pain in the body's frame.

Massage & reflexology therapy service with Mel Allan

It is well known that massage therapy, along with reflexology, is a valuable complement to physiotherapy, as well as being a beneficial stand-alone treatment.

Our experienced Massage Therapist and Reflexologist, Mel Allan, has been working from the Life Made Simple Physiotherapy centre in Bramley, Guildford, for over a year now and the addition to our existing services has been welcomed.

The type of massage you can expect depends on what the client requires. Most of Mel’s clients come to her with aches, pains and stiffness they would like relieved. She mainly applies deep tissue methods to relieve muscle tension or tightness. She uses strong pressure and massage techniques to relax the body, along with a tool called a Wave Stone. When placed in hot water it absorbs the heat and not only feels good but warms the muscles and makes them easier to manipulate, increasing the suppleness to relieve tension.

Mel also notes that an important part of her treatments is the aftercare advice she gives. Usually this means tips on stretching, which really is the best way to increase the effectiveness of the massage and also reduce muscle tightness in the first place.

Please do make contact with Life Made Simple Physiotherapy to make your reservation.


Physiotherapy acupuncture


In most cases, the primary aim of acupuncture is to reduce the individual’s pain. It can be daunting for some patients who have not experienced the treatment before, and it is very important to maintain the trust of the patient throughout the course of treatment. Where appropriate, a programme of physiotherapy, together with acupuncture, is recommended to maximise the non-specific benefits of the overall care provided.

Biomechanical analysis needs

What is biomechanical analysis? Certainly not something you hear of in everyday conversation! It is the analysis of the mechanics of body movement and understanding and evaluating techniques. This helps in the application of care and has the potential to reduce future physical fatigue and harm. Please do ask us for more details.

Injury and its healing processes

Injuries in their many formats are not uncommon and can happen throughout an individual’s life. The causes can vary widely, from a sports injury to simply the ageing process. 

Time is needed for an injury to go through a cycle of tissue repair. The tissue might be a ligament, tendon or muscle as examples, and generally speaking there are four recognised processes that usually occur. Studies have identified these as bleeding, inflammation, proliferation and remodelling (Source: Soft Tissue Healing & Repair / Tim Watson 2006).  

Each process has a different path in conjunction with the others and a different time frame to go through. There can be overlap and, as always, each individual is different and will have different timings as they go through their own healing process. Prior health and lifestyle are likely to have a bearing on the time it takes to recover, and physiotherapy can help in managing pain and discomfort and stimulating the affected area, along with guidance on suitable exercises to help in each stage of the injury repair.

Workstation and workspace assessments

Workstation and workspace assessments of positioning and seating can really help in optimising workspaces to be as effective as possible, especially now, with many businesses focusing on their return to normality. We call this our ‘Lifernomics’ programme, where Life Made Simple Physiotherapy can help with the ergonomics of planning workstation comfort, effectiveness and wellbeing.

Modern Office

Recommended local partners

Life Made Simple Physiotherapy is very pleased to make recommendations to local partners and professionals to help with client care, health and physical well-being.

Her Strength

Personal Trainer & Workout Coach

We are pleased to recommend Lucinda, founder of Her Strength, as a locally based Personal Trainer and workout specialist. We have recommended her services on many occasions, and we know she can deliver great results. Highly recommended! More details can be found here:  Women's Fitness Training | Her Strength

Nourish from Within

Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach

Fiona Hayers can help and assessment of injury, recuperation and your nutritional needs, please do contact Fiona on 07734111347 or via email and Fiona would be delighted to work with you to see what can be achieved.  More details can be found here:  Nourish from Within

I have had treatment for various injuries over the years from Lucy Blick. I have found that her mixture of manual therapy together with prescription of doable exercises have kept me mobile, at times when chronic back pain made me despair. She is currently treating me for Achilles and other ankle injuries and, once again I’m finding I’m improving consistently.  On top of her expertise, Lucy has a very reassuring and friendly bedside manner. I would not hesitate to recommend her. She’s an excellent physiotherapist.

Mrs W, Shalford

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