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Time, and a hugely positive experience, by Mel Allan

‘Time flies when you’re having fun’, as the saying goes, and my first eight months working alongside Lucy Blick, founder of Life Made Simple Physiotherapy in Bramley, has certainly been a hugely positive experience.

The tailor-made facility for care has been brilliant, and the energy harnessed through working alongside another like-minded professional, has created an enhanced environment for clients to enjoy my massage and reflexology service. With prior agreement, cross referral of clients between physiotherapy and massage/reflexology is not uncommon where needs are identified. Client care is at the core of what we seek to achieve.

From the very start of the introduction of massage and reflexology to the overall services offered from the Bramley centre, client engagement has been swift, and is growing all the time. The need to offer the service for an additional day in the week is testament to this. For me, it’s also been a great opportunity to revisit the fundamentals of the way my service is provided. An evolution if you will to ensure that the treatment room, along with the treatments, meet client needs. It is important that the ambiance of the room is right, from lighting, to temperature, music, covers and aromas. The list could go on; however, it is this attention to detail that really matters to clients, and I hope sets my service apart from others.

Returning clients often enjoy a pattern of massage appointments, perhaps once a month, or more regularly where needed, to maintain flexibility and overall physical wellbeing. The psychological benefits of massage and reflexology are also well known.

I know that the website features details of my massage and reflexology service, including costs, so please do take a look at this and book yourself in soon.

It’s been a great journey so far working from central Bramley, and I look forward to the next eight months…and beyond!

See you soon.

Mel Allan

Massage & Reflexology specialist

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