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2024: But will your New Year’s resolutions really work for you?

2024 has begun and we hope that the new year has already started well for you. January always feels a somewhat ‘flat’ month in comparison to the celebrations in December.


It’s time to move forward and some, indeed many, will have made New Year’s resolutions for plans to help improve their lifestyle, health, finances in some cases and so on. We are all different, as are our circumstances, and each resolution will be as individual as the person that made it. Perhaps the question will be how long they stick to this year’s goals and aspirations?


The personal health and wellbeing resolutions may be more difficult, and planning resolutions such as money may be easier to deal with. You can of course have more than one resolution (although perhaps the fewer the better in providing focus or targeted on a specific event or celebration in 2024), and whatever you plan, we hope it goes well.


We have listed below a few reference points that you may want to consider.


  • Reducing pain and strains with physiotherapy – one of the joys of physiotherapy is seeing the improvements that clients experience through the care that we offer, both through physiotherapy alone, and in combination with acupuncture where appropriate. One resolution might simply be to stop the aches and pains that you may be enduring, and Life Made Simple Physiotherapy is well placed to help you from our centre in Bramley, Guildford, Surrey.

  • Nutrition and weight – 2023 had its challenges, and one resolution might be just to feel better in the year ahead. This might be through your nutritional intake, or maybe some weight loss (often noted as one target), or a different goal. We have an excellent local contact (Fiona Hayers, founder of Nourish From Within) who can help you plan and implement a suitable programme to meet your needs.

  • Exercise - more planned for the year ahead perhaps, and motivation and planning are likely to be key in this regard. We again have an excellent local contact who can help you plan and work with you to meet your needs.

  • Moving more freely – staying in good physical condition is a priority for many, and free movement is important in this regard. Our now well-established massage and reflexology service from Mel Allan has proved very popular and may be one way of meeting any goal you have to make 2024 a good year for you physically.


Understandably, each of you will have your own individual plans and goals, and the above is by no means an exhaustive list but we hope provides an indication of what might be considered.


Will 2024 be a vintage year for you? Whatever your plans, we are here to help with your health and well-being planning.


Speak to the team at Life Made Simple Physiotherapy to see how we can help.


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We look forward to helping you with your physiotherapy, massage and reflexology needs in 2024. If you are interested in our services feel free to call us on 07309 272 555 or email Life Made Simple - expert physiotherapy in Guildford and Surrey.

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