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Achieving needs planning! Preparation is everything

We had the pleasure of being involved in a national hockey tournament recently where the team won its final. All those involved, throughout the trials, were in our opinion winners because of the effort that they had put in to get that far. It was a very enjoyable day.

To achieve at this level, most were physically prepared through training, and through the games that they regularly play at school. However, we know that having your mind in the right place to achieve at the right time is vital to reaching the top. There is a dimension to this in being ready as an individual, and collectively as a team. The old adage of ‘there is no I in team’ springs to mind.

Preparation is everything

As part of the support group, what did we consider? A simple list of ‘do and don’t’ points circulated before the tournament and considered with the team was very helpful, and the points we looked at apply equally to any sporting event or activity:



Get enough sleep before the day

Go to bed late before the day

Warm up properly - incorporate a couple of sprints into your warmup if you can

Drink energy drinks before your first game

Stay hydrated - water and energy drinks can work in combination

Let your muscles get cold in between games or activities

Cool down after each game/activity

Get cold. Keep warm and avoid damp

Keep warm between games/activities: walk around and put on an extra layer

Spending your downtime sitting still on your phone. If you don't use your downtime constructively, you won't have enough muscle power to stay the course

In pairs: dynamic stretching/foam roller/massage gun between games/activities. This helps to reduce muscle soreness

No static stretching - this can cause strains and injuries

Stick to tried and tested foods the day before - don't try new foods

Avoid oily, fried or fatty foods as they are harder to digest

Eat regular meals and nutritious snacks rather than sugary snacks

Don't skip meals and try not to leave more than four hours between meals

These might seem like simple, common-sense points, and that’s exactly what they are, and they can be applied to any physical activity you intend to undertake.

A big thank you to Fiona Hayers from Nourish From Within for the food / dietary points in the ‘do’s and don’t’s’ above. Indeed, thank you to all that allowed the team to make it happen.

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