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Bank holiday bother

If you have read a few physiotherapy related blogs on our web pages, you will know that we are advocates of exercise and movement, but also of preparation for both. There may be consequences otherwise, as you will see.

One client told their story of why they were with me to seek physiotherapy care, following the long bank holiday weekend and a subsequent prompt phone call for an appointment on the Tuesday.

‘I knew Easter was in the calendar, it’s just that work was busy right up to the last moment and my mind and fitness was not ready for time away from the desk. Good Friday arrived and of course I dashed into the garden, and garage, and loft, to catch up on the chores that had been waiting to be done for months, but which I never wanted to find the time for in the cold, damp winter. It was sunny and I got lots done, which was great; however, as I went to bed on Friday night, I began to realise there might be an unanticipated cost. My regular exercise routine had not prepared me for this varied exertion, which surprised me.

The spring in my step on the Saturday morning had evaporated, replaced with pain and strains in all my limbs, but of course my lower back was tight and painful. The rest of the weekend was taken at a leisurely pace, with my back freeing slightly over time, but still uncomfortable. That’s why I’m here!’

It is always good to understand the context of why a client is presenting themselves for physiotherapy care, and the timings of how any identified problem occurred.

As an addition to regular physio and massage therapy, acupuncture can assist in patient reported levels of pain post treatment by improving sleep (giving our body time to recover), reducing muscle tension, lowering stress levels and improving mood. Advocated by NHS UK, acupuncture, or dry needling is seen as a complementary therapy, which can complement your traditional physiotherapy session. More can be found here:

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There are more bank holidays coming up in the next few months, so be ready, both in the calendar and in your physical self to avoid any bank holiday bother. This might include a physiotherapy session to pre-empt your increased activity over the upcoming long weekends, or massage to help speed up nutritional flow to your muscles, enabling them to work at their best capacity for the list of jobs to be done, or fun to be had, over the upcoming long weekends in May.

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