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Combination of therapies / Continuing health and wellbeing

Personal health and wellbeing are diverse topics covering many areas of expertise and specialties; correctly so. The promotion of healthier lifestyles is nothing new, but nevertheless important and the NHS advocates this on various health topics on their webpage here:

Physiotherapy, and acupuncture as part of that service if required, is one such specialty that we are proud to offer from our base in Bramley. The addition of massage and reflexology has been a great complement to our services, and my colleague Mel Allan has been busy over the year plus that she has offered these therapies from our centre.

If you find yourself injured or in the process of recovery, the options to expedite and smooth out the recovery journey are likely to be important. When you are consulting with a physiotherapist, incorporating regular massages into your treatment plan can prove highly beneficial, complementing the ongoing therapy and hopefully accelerating your healing programme.

It should be noted that whilst sports massage employs techniques and principles distinct from those of other practices, its ultimate objective remains consistent, which is to relieve pain and facilitate recovery. When a range of professionals employ different techniques on the same affected area, their efforts are likely to join together to progress the recovery process.

The integration of massages between treatments is likely to ensure that you stay on the right track, enabling proper movement and functionality. Your physiotherapist and massage therapist should maintain constant dialogue between each other, addressing specific areas upon request. Beyond the physical benefits, a general massage contributes to mental relaxation, an important aspect when dealing with the stress associated with injury recovery or postoperative phases in physiotherapy. The intense demands and potential pain during these periods can disrupt sleep, and here, massage proves helpful for those struggling with sleep difficulties, offering relief from pain and aiding sleep and rest.

The disciplines noted above, including acupuncture, are tangible and physical. We believe the results speak for themselves and our reviews indicate our clients’ satisfaction in the service we offer. To take this further, are other areas of wellbeing that are vital to overall good health, with one of these being nutrition.

Fiona Hayers, a specialist in nutrition, and a welcome guest blogger on our website, has been adding value to the services that we offer. We look forward to working further with Fiona as the practice continues to evolve and to expanding our holistic approach to overall client care.

We often find that a combination of therapies can make real positive changes to overall health and wellbeing and we will continue to look at other opportunities as they arise to add to the overall care experience.

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