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Fear and risk are powerful things!

Do you remember the first time you fell over as an adult? Most do, partly because for an instant second or so, control is lost, and the floor becomes a lot closer than you usually want it to be. Scary stuff for some, and indeed possibly the start of a path that can lead to fear of falls, or the risk of falls, which may naturally occur more often as you get into the older age range.

Many young at heart folk may want to object!

Older adults can largely be defined as those over the age of 65, although many young at heart folk may want to object to this generalisation. As a good reference, the 2019 Department of Health guidelines recommend that the older adult should participate in at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity or 75 minutes of vigorous intensity activity per week. For some, this will be an easy target, and for others rather harder. More detail on the findings of the Department of Health can be found on the following link, along with a very helpful diagram of what should be considered and aimed for in a programme of building strength (UK Chief Medical Officers Physical Activity Guidelines (Department of Health, 2019):

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All ages matter

Just as an additional note, there are good guides for the level of activity that all ages should consider within this guide, although for the purposes of this blog, we have focused on the over 65’s. When looking at physical activities for this age group, these should be aimed at improving muscular strength, which in turn should enhance the body’s natural balance and flexibility.

Physiotherapy, combined with activity, can help

As you might anticipate, physiotherapists work closely with individuals to help balance, and combined with a regular activity programme (of which many of our blog readers will know we are advocates), a physiotherapist can help reduce both the fear and the risk of falling. Important points as we all inevitably age.

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