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Guest blog / Melanie Allan | Massage Therapy

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Life Made Simple Physiotherapy is pleased to feature a new guest blog, this time from our friend and Massage Therapist, Melanie Allan.

What should be expected from Massage Therapy?

The type of massage you can expect from me entirely depends on what you want from it. Most of my clients come to me with aches, pains and stiffness they would like relieved, so mostly I apply deep tissue methods to relieve muscle tension or tightness. I use strong pressure and massage techniques to relax the body, and I also use a tool called a Wave Stone. This is made from white jade and is curved, hence the name. When placed in hot water it absorbs the heat and not only feels good but warms the muscles and makes them easier to manipulate, increasing the suppleness to relieve tension.

What’s your favourite treatment and what about aftercare?

Reflexology is actually my favourite treatment; it’s the most relaxing for me and my clients.

An important part of my treatments is the aftercare advice I like to give. Usually this means tips on stretching – oh, the dreaded stretching! Yes, I know it’s horrid and no one really wants to do it but stretches really are the best way to increase the effectiveness of the massage and also reduce tightness in your muscles in the first place (not that I want to do myself out of work, but I do want everyone to be feel better).

What was your journey to becoming a Massage Therapist?

After 12 years as a social photographer, working in portrait studios, functions and weddings, my life needed a new direction. Alternative therapies had been an interest for many years, a lovely friend having introduced me to reflexology and massage years before and the idea of aiding healing through non -medical means stayed with me. So, in 2008 I decided to retrain as a holistic therapist.

Having completed a year-long course in holistic massage, reflexology and all the anatomy and physiology/counselling/pathology, I started working as soon as possible, with my only option at the time being spa work. I joined Pennyhill Park, one of the best spas in our area, and I picked up new skills and knowledge and some really good ideas about how to make treatments that little bit more special. However, it was time to work for myself and I made the move.

How has your business evolved?

It’s taken a while to build up the business I have today, the usual bumps along the way including a gap of a couple of years which took me in a different direction. I’m a big believer in timing and serendipity, and with help from friends, and recommendations, I started to build up my client base again. The opportunity to work with a physiotherapist specialising in neurological conditions gave me much more insight into neuro and spinal traumas and different techniques to treat and relieve a variety of symptoms.

A treatment with a chiropractor gave me a great opportunity, renting a room at their clinic with lots of recommendations, and working in tandem treating his patients has boosted my base and widened my knowledge of many more physical conditions and ways to treat them.

How can massage aid a client’s wellbeing?

Massage is an underrated and unacknowledged treatment therapy, so many people (fairly) ask what seem really basic questions about what massage can do for them. I do find that there is not a great deal of understanding as to what massage is all about (other than feeling good) or how it aids in so many different physiological, mental and even spiritual ways. Physiologically massage helps the body in a wide variety of ways from increasing circulation, increasing blood flow and oxygen to muscles and connective tissue, draining lactic acid from muscles, releasing tightness in muscles…all of which aid healing from trauma and tension. Many physical illnesses are brought on or made worse by an increase in stress levels, and all holistic therapies work to reduce stress and anxieties which in turn also reduces symptoms of illnesses and mental health issues.

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