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Guest Blog | The Benefits of Yoga, From Katherine Jantzen, Yoga Teacher and Ontological Coach

Thank you to Life Made Simple Physiotherapy for the opportunity to be a guest on the website blog page and to consider the benefits of yoga locally to Guildford and Surrey.

Yoga has been part of my life for over a decade, and my practice has helped me grow stronger and to increase my mobility and flexibility as well as still my busy mind. I am a qualified life coach and practice multiple massage therapies.

What does a Ontological Coach achieve?

For those that don’t know, an Ontological Coach is a keen observer of individuals in their normal domains and aims to help in what they see is the most appropriate domain to initiate a change in being.

What type of yoga do you practice?

Though my personal yoga practice is Astanga, I mainly teach Vinyasa flow yoga. I hope that you will step off your mat feeling calm but invigorated with a new sprinkling of self-belief and compassion.

I continue to learn from and practice my meditation training with Jyoti Nanda and am constantly buoyed by the teachings and research findings of individuals, such as Rick Hanson, Sharon Salzberg, Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield. My yoga classes always end with a gentle inward focus or calming guided visualization.

Any final words of guidance for readers of this blog page?

I am pretty physically active – teaching and practicing yoga. From time to time, I need a general ‘check’ from Lucy at Life Made Simple Physiotherapy if I feel that my body needs it. It is good to work with like-minded health professionals in the area. On top of this, I have chronic sacroiliitis and my lumbar spine is affected too. Lucy eases the tightness in my low back and, when necessary, gives me exercises so that I can continue self-care at home.

Why are you responsible for paying attention to the ageing process?

I am now 51 and although I still enjoy being physically active, I feel I need to pay more attention to my ageing body. That’s my responsibility and I choose Lucy to help me with this. Someone told me the other day that as we age, we need to treat our bodies like vintage sports cars – I quite liked that analogy.

Lucy is my mechanic. I’m not sure what sports car I’d choose to be though – probably a Jaguar Mark 2!

If you are interested in yoga and its benefits, then more details on our service can be found on our LinkedIn page here:

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