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Happy new physio-lution!

Happy New Year! 2022 has started and most of us hold out greater hope of a better year ahead. 2021 was a good year for Life Made Simple Physiotherapy, with the new treatment rooms fully established and running well. Now time for some new year’s resolutions, or perhaps physio-lutions!

The festive season was busy for many, perhaps as a compensation for the year before, which some would prefer to forget, and an air of optimism seems to prevail as we look forward. Sure, there are the remaining winter months to get through, but spring is ahead and now might be a great time to look at how you want your health and wellbeing to progress.

It’s easy in the months with less daylight to hide behind the curtains and not take much exercise, especially when it’s cold outside. Or to be a weekend fitness fanatic, grabbing the daylight hours on a Saturday and Sunday to dash round a park or similar to keep the body in check. In addition, and perhaps as part of a resolution, something (usually alcohol) might be given up for the month of January as a recompense for the month before. After all, we are all different.

Whatever choices you make, ensure that you body is in tune with your plans and perhaps exertions. Careful warming-up for exercise and activity might be key during these colder months to staying on track with you planned fitness. Muscular strains and skeletal problems are very common for those whose exercise pattern might be disrupted from the norm.

Perhaps then it’s time to change your new year’s resolutions to ‘physio-lutions’, by being in regular contact with your physiotherapist to deal with any aches and pains before they become significant. Prevention is invariably better than the alternative and many readers will know that a series of physiotherapy sessions is usually recommended to deal with any physical issues at hand.

However you plan ahead, we hope that 2022 is successful, happy and healthy for you.

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Each client is different and will have had different experiences through their life evolution. We look forward to helping with physiotherapy care. Please do contact Life Made Simple Physiotherapy by email at , or by telephone on 07309 272 555 for your individual physiotherapy needs and care.

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