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Happy New Year 2023!

We hope you had a great Christmas.

2022 is drawing to a close and it’s been an eventful year, as we know, and not always in a positive way. Negative events can be as inspiring as positive events, and many a good thing has been achieved from adversity. Perhaps we will see this in the years to come post 2022.

January heralds the start of many New Year’s resolutions (we hope that you can stick to your plans if you have them, whatever they are!), and if you are celebrating the change of year, the team here wishes you an enjoyable evening, and of course a great start to 2023.

We wanted to send our thanks for the continued support and custom of our clients and contacts over the past year and we look forward to the year ahead.

Have a great New Year all and see you soon!

Lucy Blick BSc MCSP

Founder & Physiotherapist

Life Made Simple Physiotherapy

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Unknown member
Jan 12, 2023

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