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How can physiotherapy work for younger patients?

Most of us remember our teenage days of gallivanting around as we explored the world in which we found ourselves. Golden years for many, and most of us took health for granted, as we enjoyed (or for some, endured at school) sport, exercise, and movement. However, this physical freedom is not without its problems as many push the boundaries of the body’s capability as they try new activities and challenges.

At Life Made Simple Physiotherapy, we believe that treatment for children and teenagers can be very valuable in helping injuries to heal quickly and in helping to prevent further issues. We are happy to treat children aged 10 and above – younger children should be assessed and treated by a paediatric physiotherapist, who will have specialist skills and expert knowledge of child development and childhood conditions.

Within our physiotherapy care processes, we can also offer where appropriate acupuncture to help the body in its repair and development.

Is there a minimum or maximum age limit for people receiving acupuncture?

There are no age restrictions on acupuncture treatment. The only limiting factors are the informed consent necessary for treatment and the relatively small number of clinical circumstances where treatment is contra-indicated or inadvisable.

At the younger end of the scale, children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to receive acupuncture treatment, and consent for treatment is provided by the parent.

How might physiotherapy and acupuncture help my child or teenager?

The benefits of a programme of physiotherapy and acupuncture for a young person are similar to those that adults will experience, although the conditions or injuries treated may well be quite different. The primary aim of acupuncture is to reduce an individual’s pain, and alongside this we have observed other benefits in the teenagers we have treated, such as improved sleep and reduced anxiety.

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