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How does reflexology differ to massage, and what are the advantages?

Guest Blog: Mel Allan / Massage and Reflexology specialist

You will know from reading the blog pages of Life Made Simple Physiotherapy that I am a Massage and Reflexology specialist. I have my own practice and work across Surrey, including from the centre in Bramley, alongside my Chartered Physiotherapist colleague, Lucy Blick. Indeed, the services often complement each other in helping clients with their needs and aliments.

Many will know about massage and the benefits this offers; however, I am often asked how massage differs from reflexology and about the advantages of reflexology. You might guess that I will focus on reflexology in this blog.

A couple of definitions of reflexology note:

  • Reflexology is a type of therapy that uses gentle pressure on specific points along your feet (and possibly on your hands or ears as well) to help you feel better. The theory is that this eases stress, and that helps your body work better. It's also known as zone therapy. (Source: WebMD)

  • Used to relieve tension and treat illness, this system of massage is based on the theory of linkage to every part of the body though the reflex points on the hands, feet and head.

There are many views on the correct definition and the two above provide a flavour of what it means, and to some extent the overall benefits used in conjunction with an overall massage. I quite like the ‘zone therapy’ definition.

The focus on the feet and hands can make a real difference in releasing pressures from points within each limb to aid wellbeing and better overall comfort. The combination of massage and reflexology applied to the individual needs of the client can usually make a real difference.

As indicated at the start, the combination of treatments of massage / reflexology and physiotherapy can be a powerful combination in helping clients keep supple, mobile, and pain free. All important, I am sure you would agree, as we start the approach to summer and perhaps the great outdoors.

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