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How will you relax this summer?

June 2023 has arrived and it officially summer! Fantastic!

I am sure we all have plans for the warmer, brighter months ahead. We are certainly looking forward to the coming months.

We have looked back at our past blogs and particularly focused on June 2021 (a very different time and feeling to now, post lockdown). We have re-posted below our blog from then as a reminder in part of times gone by, and of what to look out for as we spend more time outside, hopefully in the sunshine.

The sunshine now seems to be a fixture as the summer of 2021 kicks into gear and, hopefully, increased freedoms will be allowed, although some delays now seem to be a real possibility.

Once the household administration of things like tax returns are under control, and for us a blog or two written, thoughts of personal relaxation are likely to beckon. But how do you, and will you, relax this year?

We are aware of some clients who are keen to try new hobbies and pastimes as they emerge from the varying lockdowns. This might be a simple as getting the garden straight, to getting fit, to more ambitious projects, such as learning to sail, or taking on a new sport, such as hockey, perhaps with memories of yesteryear and rekindling happy and energetic times.

Please be careful as you make changes. The mind might be as agile as it ever was, indeed more so, and the recollections of how good you were at a sport or pastime might not now match the physical ability and agility of the body that may have sat behind a desk for the last decade or two. We have always been advocates of exercise; however, it is easy to forget, and preparing the body for change can be vital in avoiding strains, sprains, or injury. We have noted this in previous blogs (Weekend Warrior as an example!), having seen the effects on patients who have exerted themselves physically at a weekend without preparing properly, and then seeking our care at the start of a new week.

Whatever you plan this summer, finding time for some relaxation is important. Of course, if you are taking on new interests, which might involve some physical exertion, then be careful that your body is ready for the planned changes, noting that your mind may already be way ahead of your frame, skeleton and muscles.

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