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If you were a teenager again, what health advice would you give yourself?

It’s back to school and university for many in the next few weeks, and back to work for many others. Those who have stopped work, or are getting close to it, perhaps reaching retirement, may reflect on the past and their youth, hopefully with many happy memories.

Perhaps a bit more exercise and sport

If you could reach back to your age 15 as an example, what would you tell yourself with regards to your health and fitness? This might have been some decades ago, and you may have a few words of wisdom for your younger self, with perhaps a bit more exercise and sport, and a more cautious approach to the hedonistic aspects of young adult life.

Reflection and indeed hindsight are exact sciences, but the life journey is not over. Getting close to retirement as an example, in whatever format that takes, is simply a point of change. And we all know that life changes all the time. We have all had different experiences in life that have made us who we are. If we think forward, the likelihood of longevity for an additional 30 or 35 years from a normal retirement age is certainly possible as an average, based on the clever actuaries who calculate these things. In principle, an individual age 55 or so has largely the same opportunity as they did when they were age 15 to maintain and where possible enhance their health.

What words of wisdom would you give yourself?

If this has got you thinking, then what words of wisdom would you give yourself? This time you might take medical, fitness and physiotherapy advice and care to keep you supple, mobile and agile. Perhaps something you would not have done all those years ago. There are many great local services to help both your physical and mental wellbeing and some of these have been featured in our guest blogs. Perhaps take a look again when you have a moment and please do mention us if you make contact with a specialist.

Many decades ahead

With potentially many decades ahead to enjoy in retirement, maintaining your health now is perhaps more important this time round than it was during the education years.

Contact Life Made Simple Physiotherapy

Each client is different and will have had different experiences through their life evolution. We look forward to helping with physiotherapy care. Please do contact Life Made Simple Physiotherapy by email at , or by telephone on 07309 272 555 for your individual physiotherapy needs and care.

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