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Let the games begin, but be careful!

The choice of elite sport this summer seems never ending, in part as a catch up from the nightmare that has been the COVID-19 months. Whatever your sport choice, if at all, I hope you enjoy the spectacle.

With sporting events (admittedly with limited spectators) now in full flow, it is fascinating to note the preparations that competitors make, both physically and cerebrally, to reach the pinnacle of performance at the right time. For some, the right time was last year, so the year’s delay because of the pandemic may cause a few surprises as others now reach their peak performance point.

How did they get there? What guided them to that sport? How did they originally demonstrate ability, and then train endlessly accordingly? What one thing triggered that moment of ‘eureka - I really can win this’? Mark Cavendish, the cycling super-star, won a stage at this year’s Tour de France race, his 31st stage win, but most importantly his first stage victory in five long years. Many had given up on him, and his emotions were raw at reaching the pinnacle of his sport again, a career reign of 13 years so far in the topflight. At one point he could hardly speak to reporters, he was emotional, saying ‘if you don’t give up, good things will happen!’.

It was great to see; however many, indeed most, individuals never make the top tier, but nevertheless enjoy trying, taking part and being part of a team. With the professionals surrounding elite sportspeople, it is not surprising that some of their efforts look, well, effortless. For us lesser mortals, the reality can be injury, sprains, stresses, and discomfort as we return to the normality of day jobs following a match, game or local competition.

Seeking good physiotherapy care can make all the difference in helping an individual maintain their physical abilities and reducing the risk of long-term musculoskeletal damage. Seeking care early is vital to ensure that identified issues are addressed or controlled by a professional.

Others may simply prefer to relax into an armchair and watch the sport on television. Of course, if you are taking on new challenges, which might involve some physical exertion, then be careful that your frame and muscles are ready for the games ahead.

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