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Looking forward and back: third anniversary of Life Made Simple Physiotherapy in 2023

July 2020 now seems a long time ago. All of us will remember that summer – sadly unique for all the wrong reasons. Creating our physiotherapy business during this time was interesting; however, is there ever an optimum time to make it happen? We are thrilled that we did.

As you might anticipate, there was much time and planning involved in bringing the Life Made Simple brand together to launch our physiotherapy offering in the summer of 2020. Against the backdrop of the pandemic, the outcomes could not have been better. A big thank you to all our clients, supporters and contacts for their support, both past and present.

Of course, starting a business is one thing, and evolving it, especially in its first years, is another. The additions made have really added value, with a new treatment facility from the Eastwood Road entrance, acupuncture added as a complement to our physiotherapy care, a fabulous massage service, a popular blog (and guest blog – thank you for all your contributions, and more to come), to name a few points. All changes, whether minor or significant, have made a positive difference.

We look forward to continuing our physiotherapy business journey with you, and we anticipate that the growing demand for the massage service with Mel Allan from our Bramley treatment centre will continue. It’s proved to be a popular addition over the last year, and happy first Life Made Simple anniversary, Mel, for September!

Thank you again for all your support and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Lucy Blick

Founder of Life Made Simple Physiotherapy

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