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Our New Physiotherapy Treatment Rooms | Life Made Simple Physiotherapy

Those who work with us will know that we are usually busy folk, providing physiotherapy care and service to our growing client base.

Many are aware that a decade of physiotherapy care and experience was applied to establish Life Made Simple Physiotherapy, which celebrated its first anniversary at the end of July 2021. It’s been a busy and very successful time and we wanted to send our thanks to all our clients and contacts for their continued support over the period. The addition of our acupuncture service within our physiotherapy offering has been welcomed by many clients and this is now featured on our website,

With the establishment of Life Made Simple Physiotherapy, as you might anticipate, demand for our physiotherapy services remains high. You will see from the picture below that we have also been busy improving our facilities to add to the quality of service that we provide our clients into the future. A lot of planning has gone into enhancing our physiotherapy facilities, including improved access for those less mobile as they arrive, and hopefully more mobile when they leave!

We look forward to the autumn and the year ahead, noting that your continued care remains paramount as our focus. Where required and appropriate, we will maintain our COVID-19 precautions, although if you have any individual preferences then just let us know.

Please do pass our details on to any friends or family that you believe would benefit from our physiotherapy service, and if you have not seen our new physiotherapy rooms, then please do book an appointment.

We look forward to our year ahead and to seeing you soon. Thank you again for your support over the year.

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Sep 10, 2021

I can't wait to visit you in the new clinic room for my next appointment

Lucy Blick
Lucy Blick
Sep 11, 2021
Replying to

Thank you, and we look forward to it.

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