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Pets, and pet owners, need exercising!

We are blessed to have some of the most beautiful countryside around us in Surrey. Areas of outstanding natural beauty and landscape abound, and if you are a dog owner, this gives tremendous choice as to where we exercise our canine friends. Here at Life Made Simple, we provide professional physiotherapy in Surrey and Guildford. Keep your health and wellbeing in check and have great fun in the great outdoors!

Daily exercise routine

With this comes the benefits as owners of also exercising ourselves in the process, as we accompany our four-legged companions. However, as the ground softens with the rain and damp that can be expected in the autumn, it is not uncommon to experience muscular and skeletal pain from the exertions of maintaining a daily exercise routine, through walking, jogging or running with your pet.

Simply throwing a ball

Your dog of course may well love it, sitting by the back door in anticipation every morning, but your knees, legs and pelvis may have other ideas about your daily exercise. If you’re running, then back pain and shoulder issues may also manifest themselves. Simply throwing a ball for your dog with some exertion may cause pain in the upper torso.

Pain generated through exercise in your knees, legs and frame are not uncommon, indeed, may simply be an irritation of a previous sports injury. With good physiotherapy care in Surrey and Guildford, you may well be able to alleviate any discomfort suffered in the process of your daily exercise routine.

Warming up with your canine companion

We believe that physiotherapy is about a holistic approach to help with your exercise routine and general lifestyle. Exercise is invariably a good thing, as long as it is focused to help with the daily tasks that we ask of the body, its muscles and its tissues.

Warming up with appropriate stretches can help the body be ready for the tasks ahead, and I am sure your canine companion might find this fun!

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We look forward to helping you with your physiotherapy needs, tailored to your personal circumstances and exercise regime. If you are interested in our services feel free to call us on 07309 272 555 or email Life Made Simple - expert physiotherapy in Surrey and Guildford.

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