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Physiotherapy statistics / The demand continues to grow

As a business, we talk about the need for physiotherapy care, and its significant health benefits, all the time. We are of course focused on the local areas of Bramley, Guildford, Godalming and West Surrey. But what of the need across the UK?

Increase in physiotherapist numbers

The following link to the annual number of physiotherapists in the United Kingdom (UK) from 2010 to 2020 from Statista (produced in early 2021) makes interesting reading. As you will see, there has been an increase in physiotherapist numbers of approximately 65+% over the last decade:

This growing demand was recognised early by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (the CSP) in September 2015, with the numbers of physiotherapists needed climbing further according to the CPS’s modelling:

Physiotherapy care has become even more important

We are of course not responsible for the data contained in the links above. However, it is clear that the need for physiotherapy care has become of greater importance over the period in the UK. The NHS England webpage further confirms this need by noting:

Low back and neck pain are the greatest cause of years lost to disability in the UK, with chronic joint pain or osteoarthritis affecting more than 8.75 million people. In addition, musculoskeletal conditions also account for 30% of all GP appointments. More can be found here:

Clearly lots of physiotherapy care to be provided and a growing need as the profession gathers even more momentum.


Interesting statistics, we hope you would agree, and it is refreshing to note the need for physiotherapy care increasing, to help many people with treatment, rehabilitation and if appropriate, return to work in a proactive process. We hope to see more of this progressive thinking as time moves forward.

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