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Popular physiotherapy blogs- we’ve got a few! The real benefits of acupuncture

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Over the many months that we have run our topical physiotherapy blogs, it is always interesting to see the popularity statistics of each article. One important area of care in conjunction with physiotherapy is acupuncture, a service we introduced just under two years ago, which has been a great success. We have revisited our original blog from April 2021, and we are pleased that both the blog and the service have been welcomed by our clients.

The new introduction of a massage and reflexology service from our centre in Bramley, Guildford, since September is also proving popular. Indeed, both our prior blogs featuring Melanie Allen, our massage and reflexology practitioner, have also proved to be very popular.

Read on for more about the real benefits of acupuncture below.

The real benefits of acupuncture continue

My journey of learning the techniques and real benefits of acupuncture continues, with appropriate clients benefiting from the treatment over the last few months.

I am delighted that I have introduced this opportunity to the Life Made Simple Physiotherapy offering and, in this blog, I have taken the opportunity to provide some positive notes on the benefits that acupuncture can bring to the overall care of clients.

Programme of physiotherapy, together with acupuncture

In most cases, the primary aim of acupuncture is to reduce the individual’s pain. It can be daunting for some patients who have not experienced the treatment before. It is very important to maintain the trust of my patient throughout the course of treatment. Invariably, a programme of physiotherapy, together with acupuncture, is recommended to maximise the non-specific benefits of the overall care provided.

Clear explanations

I believe it is important, as I do with all our care processes, to give clear explanations of how we approach acupuncture and, of course, to maintain a holistic approach to treatments with active engagement from clients.

The speed with which acupuncture can help clients

It has been interesting to note, in my experience, the speed with which acupuncture can help clients with their wellbeing. As an example, one client identified the need to reduce pain, improve sleep and potentially to reduce blood pressure. As a physiotherapist, I always aimed to bring someone back to their pre-injury level. With acupuncture, I believe this process has been enhanced and further reinforces my view that a patient should always be treated holistically to maximise symptom improvement and overall benefit.

Holistic approach to movement

We believe that physiotherapy is about a holistic approach to movement and physical wellbeing. Exercise in general, along with specifically recommended exercises, plays an important part in helping with the daily tasks that we ask of the body, its muscles and its tissues.

Warming up with appropriate stretches can help the body be ready for the tasks ahead.

Contact Us

We look forward to helping you with your physiotherapy needs, tailored to your personal circumstances, through 2023 and beyond. If you are interested in our services feel free to call us on 07309 272 555 or email Life Made Simple - expert physiotherapy in Guildford and Surrey.

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