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Salopettes from the loft and flight tickets in hand?

It’s good to see the current COVID-19 restrictions relaxing, and thoughts turn to what you might want to do now. Top of a lot of people’s wish lists is perhaps a well-earned holiday. You might well have been inspired by the amazing achievements of the 2022 Winter Games…and you may feel the urge to get back on your skis, or snowboard, before the end of the 2021/2022 winter season. Hopefully, the snow will stay!

However, before you book your flights and get your salopettes out of the loft, how does your body feel?

You may have been less active, and workstations hastily adapted to working from home have thrown up a whole range of new issues for many. Simply put, our bodies just aren’t the same as they were two years ago, when we could last get out on the snow and enjoy ourselves. So, are you ready?

Before you go

Physiotherapy can help before you go and will be there for you on your return. Nobody wants to have their holiday cut short due to injuries sustained from preventable problems. Prior to booking, it is a good idea to schedule some time with your physiotherapist to have a musculoskeletal MOT before you travel. During the assessment, areas particular at risk from snow-based sports can be reviewed and a plan can be put into action to improve strength, stability, flexibility and control.

The start of the holiday

Once in the mountains, some general advice might include: be honest with yourself and your own ability – if it has been a couple of years since you have put on your ski boots, ease back into it gently and pick routes which match your own ability; incorporate rest breaks throughout the day to let the body recover; keep hydrated and feed the body with a good, well balanced diet.

When you’re home, hopefully in one piece

Finally, a lot of patients seem to come home with the same story - they injure themselves on the final run of the day. To avoid a similar experience, acknowledge your own fitness level, and if you are tired, don’t be embarrassed to sit a run out or finish the day a little early. Pushing your body to its extreme can prematurely end a ski trip. If your legs are tired or the conditions are worsening and you feel out of your depth, stop!

On your return, if you have sustained an injury and have been unable to get it looked at in resort, it is best to have it checked out sooner rather than later to avoid it being a more complicated, chronic problem which interferes with your summer holiday or skiing next season.

Contact Us

We hope you have a great trip away to the snow, wherever that may be. However, be ready and if you are interested in our physiotherapy services pre or post (or both) of your winter holiday then feel free to call us on 07309 272 555 or email Life Made Simple - expert physiotherapy in Bramley, Guildford and Surrey.

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