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There is no ‘normal’!

We are all different! No two people are the same, perhaps bar a few rare exceptions, and we all act and react in different ways through our normal lives.

Minimising the risk of re-injury in the short term

These varied reactions will also be seen when injury or ailments occur through a lifetime, and the way they are treated with the aim of recovery will vary accordingly. As you might anticipate, the goal of rehabilitation is to aim to get an individual back to their pre-injury level, whilst minimising the risk of re-injury in the short term.

How an ailment or injury came about

Understanding how an ailment or injury came about is paramount when discussing possible solutions, and the role of the physiotherapist is to inform and work closely with each individual client. This is aimed at preparing and facilitating a focused rehabilitation programme, designed to be in line with natural tissue healing, whilst also addressing the psychological and physical needs of the client.

Neuromuscular control, muscle strength and improved functional performance

As you might anticipate, the process of physiotherapy is to understand the implications of a client’s injury and will take an individual through phases of healing and the all-important exercise progression. Exercises will be aimed at neuromuscular control, muscle strength and improved functional performance.

Because we are all individuals, operations, ailments, and injuries affect us all differently and comparisons with others can, in certain circumstances, create greater risk. It is important that we do not assume that we are all the same. No one is “normal”.

Working closely with your physiotherapist

It is important that you work closely with your physiotherapist to assure that rehabilitation is in tune with the individual, with as few setbacks as possible, and minimises any long-term damage. There are some who will fly through the post ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) reconstruction or total knee replacement as examples, and some of course will find recovery trickier.

Contact Life Made Simple Physiotherapy

However your injury, ailment our operation has come about, we look forward to helping with physiotherapy care. Please do contact Life Made Simple Physiotherapy by email at , or by telephone on 07309 272 555 for your individual physiotherapy needs and care.

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