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There may be football ahead but watch out for strains and injuries at home!

Football is not for everyone, we understand, but with a European tournament just around the corner, some will be getting excited by the prospect, whilst others will be cringing at the thought of 90 minutes of boredom, followed inevitably by penalties.


We do hope that England does well, although attention may be elsewhere for the forthcoming general election. Perhaps the football will be a welcome distraction from the politics?


We have revisited one of our past blogs from a couple of years back, which seems very appropriate as the football starts over the next few weeks.  


Superstars and villains


So, before I switch any non-football fans off from this blog, I know that we have the European football championships in Germany. Some will love watching the games, others will do their best to avoid it. Teams have been picked, and places on the squads have been allocated, dependent on their respective specialities. There will be goalkeepers, strikers, defenders and centre forwards, each with a role to play and each with a particular skill in their field area. And as the matches unfold, we also know that there will be superstars and villains crowned during the tournament. Many admit to enjoying the odd international match every now and then over home games.


T-shirts placed as goal posts


Many people play football (or just have a kick about) during the summer for fun, and for fitness, whether that be a few t-shirts placed as goal posts in a park, or continued training before local Sunday leagues start again at the end of summer, as examples. Children and grandchildren might start their own tournament in the warmth of the summer months to be crowned king of the family! One key point to remember is that the chosen pitch / ground is likely to be harder during the summer months, putting some additional strain on legs and limbs as footballs are kicked, passed or retrieved from hedges from an overshoot. Great fun, but don’t over-reach yourself so that you regret ever agreeing to be ‘goalie’ at a family event!


Sports injuries / not just football related


Being attentive to the possible physical risks of strains, injuries, and related pain, can be vital in seeing through the summer in comfort. And these are not just football related (other sports are available: see cricket / tennis / hockey / rugby and so on). Through our Life Made Simple physiotherapy practice in Bramley, Guildford, when considering sports related issues and conditions, it is not uncommon to see “tennis” elbow, “runner’s” knee, shin splints, shoulder rotator cuff injuries, “jumper’s” knee, “golfer’s” elbow, dislocations, sprains, strains, Achillestendon injuries and broken bones.


Contact Us


Whatever your plans are for the summer, we hope you enjoy your time, and that you are continue in good, pain free health during the summer months, noting that sports accidents can and do happen. Physiotherapy and massage/reflexology may well help in maintaining your physical wellbeing in the next few months.


If you are interested in our services feel free to call us on 07309 272 555 or email Life Made Simple - expert physiotherapy in Guildford and Surrey.

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