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Where did the year go? - Melanie Allan, Massage & Reflexology Therapist, first year anniversary

Time flies when you’re having fun, as the saying goes. And the last year certainly has flown by since our experienced Massage Therapist and Reflexologist specialist, Melanie Allan, joined Life Made Simple Physiotherapy in early September 2022 at our facility in Bramley, Guildford. This additional service has proved to be a great success from the start, and as we move into the second year, we anticipate that appointment numbers will continue to climb.

We have looked back to our introductory blog from August 2022, and Melanie’s introduction of these new services:

It is well known that massage therapy, along with reflexology, is a valuable complement to physiotherapy, as well as being a beneficial stand-alone treatment.

Melanie featured in our guest blog in March 2021, and we are delighted to welcome her addition to our wellbeing offering. She will be working from our physiotherapy rooms in Bramley, Surrey, from early September 2022. She will initially be working on Thursdays each week (additional times now added), and please do make contact with Life Made Simple Physiotherapy to make your reservation.

What should be expected from massage therapy?

The type of massage you can expect depends on what the client requires. Melanie confirmed in her March 2021 blog that most of her clients come to her with aches, pains and stiffness they would like relieved. She mainly applies deep tissue methods to relieve muscle tension or tightness. She uses strong pressure and massage techniques to relax the body, along with a tool called a Wave Stone. This is made from white jade and is curved, hence the name. When placed in hot water it absorbs the heat and not only feels good but warms the muscles and makes them easier to manipulate, increasing the suppleness to relieve tension.

What about aftercare?

Melanie confirms that an important part of her treatments is the aftercare advice she gives. Usually this means tips on stretching, which really is the best way to increase the effectiveness of the massage and also reduce muscle tightness in the first place.

How can massage aid a client’s wellbeing?

Melanie comments that massage is an underrated and unacknowledged treatment therapy, so many people (fairly) ask what seem really basic questions about what massage can do for them. She has found that there is not a great deal of understanding as to what massage is all about (other than feeling good) or how it aids in so many different physiological, mental and even spiritual ways. Physiologically massage helps the body in a wide variety of ways from increasing circulation, increasing blood flow and oxygen to muscles and connective tissue, draining lactic acid from muscles, releasing tightness in muscles… all of which aid healing from trauma and tension. Many physical illnesses are brought on or made worse by an increase in stress levels, and all holistic therapies work to reduce stress and anxieties which in turn also reduces symptoms of illnesses and mental health issues.

Contact Life Made Simple Physiotherapy

As you might anticipate, physiotherapy and massage/reflexology can make a powerful combination in looking after a client’s overall wellbeing.

If you would like to book a massage or reflexology therapy session with Melanie, please call us on 07309 272 555 or email Life Made Simple - expert physiotherapy in Bramley, Guildford and Surrey.

Lucy Blick BSc MCSP

Founder of Life Made Simple Physiotherapy

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