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Summer freedoms and Physiotherapy?

Easter is over and the summer beckons, both in terms of sunnier times ahead, but also this year, because the roadmap out of lockdown to our freedoms is clear(ish) to see. Roll on June 21st, as long as they stick to the plan!

Our Blog pages have been a great success and we looked back at some of the best or most topical blogs (in this case September 2020, which now seems years ago!) to maintain and add to their relevance to the physiotherapy care Life Made Simple Physiotherapy offers.

Health & wellbeing

With the late spring and summer ahead and the freedoms it promises, if you could wave an imaginary magic wand over your health, wellbeing, and its planning, and were granted one wish, what would it be? Now, we appreciate that you could wish for perfect health and fitness for ever and a day, and doubtless most of us would, but in reality, it’s not the physical health that most would wish for, it’s what it provides.

So, the question now moves to what do you want your physical health to provide you? We hope that the answer is overall wellbeing, but what does that mean to you?

What are your health priorities?

Perhaps your priorities might be:

  • Living without significant muscular or skeletal pain?

  • Being mobile throughout all phases of your life?

  • Being fully active with the children and grandchildren?

  • Playing tennis, badminton or golf as well as you always could?

  • Improving your dance routine and reaching new limits of flexibility?

  • Feeling less tired and having more physical stamina for your daily routine?

  • Rehabilitation from a past injury or surgery as much as possible?

  • Just feeling better in yourself?

  • All of the above...and perhaps more.

You can guess that this desires list is endless, and its focus may have changed over the last six months or so. We are finding that many clients’ views on what they really want from their wellbeing, and what is important to them has changed, in some cases quite significantly.

Time for reflection

2020 was a difficult year for most, and 2021 is already, and will be a very different year. Physiotherapy can help in some of the potential priorities listed above, noting of course that this is an example list we prepared...but what is your priority? The homepage on our website looks at how physiotherapy can help here:

Regular physiotherapy

Whatever your past wellbeing priorities, check them again to see if they have changed through the chaos of the last six months or so. Irrespective of whether they have or not, think about your own wellbeing and the aches and pains that you may have put up with for too long. Perhaps regular physiotherapy needs to become part of your routine looking forward to a time of change for us all.

Contact Us

We look forward to helping you with your physiotherapy needs and through the spring and summer of 2021 and beyond. If you are interested in our services feel free to call us on 07309 272 555 or email Life Made Simple - expert physiotherapy in Guildford and Surrey.

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